8 Mar 2010

Hit The Ground Running

Or at least I tried to. I've made a small bit of progress toward each of my major goals. Baby steps is what i was hoping for, and baby steps is what i got. I just have to remember that a year is a very long time. Supposedly people overestimate what they can do in a day but underestimate what they can do in a year. So I'll just keep moving forward.

I joined the local piano school, and had my first lesson this morning. It was amazing, way better than the lessons I'd had before. The teacher really scared the crap out of me. I've also gotten into the local gym, a cheap looking place filled with wall-to-wall weights. As usual i tried to do too much too soon and pulled a muscle in my left arm Right of the bat. I figure this is actually going to be my hardest goal this year.

Technically Italian study did not go well. I sat down with study material for a grand total of two hours this week. However, due to several of my English speaking friends not being around, i was forced to rely on my own shit-out-of-luck Italian. Had a great dinner with my roommate and some of his friends, who ran me through the basics of Italian curse words. Its done my confidence no end of good.

Fencing is the only thing that hasn't moved this week. Being exhausted from flying into the country that morning, i skipped fencing training this week. I'll get back to it with a vengeance this week though!


vaffanculo ( va - fan - coo - low) = Up Yours
Putane ( poo - ta - nay) = Hooker
Gatso ( gat - sow) = Cock
Stronzo = Turd

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