12 Mar 2010

My First Big Failure

I spent last week in Ireland. It was great to be back home, drink real tea again, and see everybody.

I had big plans for when i got back to Siena. I had several important Ebooks and Italian language resources (and a lot of cool stuff besides) saved on my hard drive. Nearly all my friends were out of town for the week, so I planned on chilling out, watching movies, reading all my e books and stuff, and beginning my real Italian study.

Disaster struck.

I left ALL my chargers in Ireland - that's laptop, phones, camera and mp3 player. No Phones. No Laptop. No Internet. No E books. No Music. I got them posted immediately, but how to spend the time now?

The answer would have been simple. Free of distractions, study your Italian books, read The Great Gatsby and A Wild Sheep Chase. Talk with my Italian roommates. Spend just one week not listening to music for 7+ hours each day.

Instead, i spent one whole day being pissed off with myself. After that, I scrambled around trying to find ways to charge my laptop. Borrowed a friends charger, for a few day while he was out of town. Stayed up all night reading e books. Several days later I stole my roommates charger and did the same thing. In between this time, I can't remember what the frick i did. Friday I met up with people to go to the gym for the first time; the only productive thing I did all week.

The chargers were supposed to arrive this Monday. It is now Friday and there is still no sign of them. An Post GUARANTEED me they'd be here by Wednesday. The Italians don't have a fricken clue.

My sleep schedule is completely messed up. i borrow my roommates charger each night and surf until sunrise. Two weeks of my life, in a beautiful (if chilly) foreign country, completely wasted.

At the very least, I've begun eating and talking with my roommates, but lets face it, I could have done so much more. I Swear this will never happen again.

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